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Tono Constructions is a home builder that listens and understands. For many years, our wealth of knowledge allowed us to build bespoke designs for bathrooms, kitchens, extensions and any home additions or improvements. It is our passion to bring our client’s vision into life through hands-on, transparent, professional and premium workmanship. This value-added approach to service sustains us to be a 5-star rated home builder in Adelaide.

Bathrooms are private havens where we can relax and unwind after a tiring day. With this, your bathroom should be considered as a safe space rather than just another room in the house. The functionality it has should not compromise aesthetics and vice versa. Instead, it should reflect your personality, taste, lifestyle and blend into your home’s interior while serving its purpose. Making sure all these are followed could be overwhelming but not if you have a reliable contractor like us.

Bathroom Renovations
Bathroom Renovations

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Do you want a home renovation but are reluctant due to the cost and mess that comes with it? When it comes to remodelling homes, we ensure to work around our clients. This means you don’t have to move out when the construction starts. Instead, we utilise your home by blocking it off into sections and clean it up as finishing touches. This way, you don’t have to move out temporarily and of course, this saves you from incurring additional expenses.

At Tono Constructions, we understand that any home construction is a multifaceted commitment. That’s why we are dedicated to offering an impeccable job from planning, down to finishing touches. Regardless of scale, we will provide you with a delightful experience by tailoring unique designs just for you. We have been delivering outstanding results thanks to our fully qualified and expert contractors. With them, we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams and melt all your stress away.

Improve Your Quality Of Life With A Bathroom Renovation

We believe a home renovation can significantly improve your lifestyle. Your bathroom forms one of the key elements for your property and should be constructed to both beautiful and functional. Home renovation projects can act as great alternatives to relocating. It will save you from moving costs with a growing family. Moreover, opting for remodelling and renovation can be a great investment too as it adds value to your property.

We take pride in our unrivalled attention to detail. In building or renovating a home, we believe they deserve focus to ensure their structural integrity and quality can withstand extreme conditions. That’s why our team doesn’t take too many projects at the same. This way, all our energy and time are spent more meticulously on each project. Additionally, this principle helps us in upholding the high standards that we have.

Bathroom Renovations

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